Missing “Piece” of Babymetal

So, I could make this a long post about Babymetal, a Japanese pop-metal group with the most ADORABLE lil ladies doin’ their thing, but you can look that up on your own. Get acquainted and get into it. Point is, when a person that is very special to me showed one of their videos to me a while back and said it reminded him of me, I was like “WHY AM I NOT DOING THIS IN LIFE?” and watched the majority of their channel for the rest of the night. And the next day. And…you get the idea.

Sadly, I am only half-Asian (but  All-‘MERICAN) so my pop dreams are over (seriously, every American girl group in the past 10 years has just sucked) and we should leave it to the Asia to interpret American culture because in their own exaggerated & reimagined way, they do it better. But hey, I vibe with their whole cutesy, could-have-got-it-at-Hot-Topic look and perfect hair. And to be honest, I have a really hard time wearing colors that aren’t black, grey and the occasional red. So I have this plaid skirt that I LOVE, but am sometimes hesitant to wear because of the fact that I will most likely wear black with it and thus, perpetuate the could-have-got-it-at-Hot-Topic look. PLOT TWIST: I worked there for a year in high school. Most of the staff told me I belonged at American Apparel instead. Hey, guess where I worked next? Retail resume aside, I wore the skirt today and came home to a nice lil surprise: a box from Dimepiece! Newsflash: I work in streetwear. It rules, but as an industry is male-dominated, so shouts to all the brands for women, by women, a la Los Angeles-based Dimepiece.



Logo Crewneck by Dimepiece
Lipstick by MAC (Sheen Supreme in “New Temptation”)

I made the crewneck I got into a crop and threw it on, and here I am, lookin’ like the alternate, albeit older and more street member of Babymetal. I would probably be like their CL. But hey, that’s K-Pop, so we’ll save my adoration for her for another day.






Missing “Piece” of Babymetal

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