Party Time: In Which We Play The HITZ


Tomorrow night, the Baetrix is back (Sam is in California this week but I am here, so I guess the BAE is here and the TRIX is elsewhere up to no good he he love you Sam) with a brand new party at our beloved bar, The Flat. Called #TBT, it’s inspired by how tite pop culture was when we was young and had to walk 15 miles uphill, both ways, to get to a one room schoolhouse. Just fucking kidding but we’ll be playing all the music you got grinded on to as an awkward pre-teen, or annoyed the shit out of your parents by blasting it from your room while playing with Barbies or Hot Wheels or eating Play Doh, or screamed along to as a college student sneaking into bars because it’s YOUR FUCKING SONG, OKAY. The 90’s to the early 00’s were a great time for the charts, so here’s to you and your nostalgia.

If you’ve been to a party I’ve DJd before, or if you’re not a fucking idiot, you already know it’s kind of the worst when you request a song. But the good news is, my good friend Nick Turner and I will be accepting requests of relevant material via Twitter all night long. NOTE: if you’re asking for it and it was popular during the years 1990-2006, it’s prob already on our minds to play, so please be patient and we’ll try to cover it all! Follow us both on Twitter (@ohaileigh & @endlessnick_) to participate.

ALSO, the wonderful ladies of SHOP JEEN have put together a special gift bag for a randomly selected winner including tons of cool shit inspired by the times. To enter the raffle, RSVP here. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. I’ve decided to have an additional contest. Watch this video:

You remember. I remember having to hide this CD under my bed because the sexy nurse and Parental Advisory warning were a little too much for an 8 year old, according to my mom about how my dad would feel about me having this. Anyway, recreate one of the classic scenes from this at the party (no, not the streaking one…though if you did it around the block I would totally buy you a beer) by making a sign that mimics the boy-band posterboard exclamations of undying affection, your birthday, or some other ridiculous statement and we’ll choose the funniest one for an additional prize. BONUS POINTS IF IT’S ABOUT ME OR NICK, but all entries will be judged fairly I guess. See y’all tomorrow, take the JMZ to Hewes ❤

Party Time: In Which We Play The HITZ

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