On Motivation and/or Apathy:

I’m officially the world’s laziest blogger. There are several drafts on this with hilarious concepts or recaps, waiting for me to return and complete but…it’s just been too long to be even relevant to description at this point.

Now, this begs the question: why do we start things we like to do, and not finish them? Clearly this blog isn’t motivated by money. I have a regular job, and I started this as an outlet to write about things unrelated to that. I’ve read countless articles about what motivates people at their jobs (while at my job, of course) and interest and fun is usually higher up on the list than money. So why the hell have I not written anything in the past few months? Have I been busy? Yes—but not so that an entry every few days would have been impossible. Has work been stressful? Yes—but again, I have plenty of time to come up with non-related ramblings. I’m just gonna go ahead and say I’ve a). forgotten b). been a little lazy and c). yeah. Work kind of took over for a little bit, in the way that it does of being busy and then making you so frustrated you don’t want to do anything else except pass out when you get home and never look at a computer screen again.

Welp, now that I got the whole downer thing out of the way, I’ve got a few exciting things coming up that I will be sharing with y’all. So, sorry about the lack of inspiration and general apathy towards writing things and…talk to you soon?



On Motivation and/or Apathy:

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