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Thanks to Vivian at Primp & Polish for deez nailz, inspired by me going to see three Japanese teens sing pop music over metal tonight.

I’M ALREADY IN TEARS HOW ARE THEY SO CUTE I CAN’T. Check back tomorrow for show coverage <(^.^)>


“The Past Is A Grotesque Animal”: A Story About A Band You Loved But Forgot About For A While


Last night a friend asked if I wanted to accompany her to a movie at Nitehawk that her friend made, and I had no plans and said yes, then asked what it was. She said “a documentary about some band, Of Montreal” and I just opened my mouth. When the fuck was the last time you thought about Of Montreal? My last year of high school through maybe half of my sophomore year of college, I put at least one of their tracks on every mix CD (lol) I made for driving around lower NY in the summertime, but after their foray into folk-y shit I kind of forgot.  The late 00’s were definitely a great time for indie dance, with all the multi-instrument supergroups and performance art-esque shows, and I truly do regret not going to see them live during that time. Fuck college.

Anyway, I missed the first ten minutes of the film, but learned a lot in the next hour.

  • Kevin Barnes, front man and essentially the band itself…isn’t gay?
  • No, really. He’s not gay.
  • I had never thought about this before but he was actually kind of hot at some points, like without the makeup and stuff.
  • The fun and dancey electronic years that I was so into came from a really DARK place…
  • The front man of every indie band you have ever liked in college is probably kind of a dick, but it’s art.
  • You really should have taken the opportunity to see an Of Montreal show live.
  • No one else really cared about the Outback commercial enough to ask, but Kitty and I did. We really did. You know what I’m talking about, THIS ONE!
  • Being in a band looks like a lot of fun but someone will probably ruin a friendship so, good luck with that.

But hey, I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you. Until I sat down in the theater, I didn’t even know I was curious about the behind-the-scenes story of this band, but I was hooked. Shouts to you, Jason Miller, for making me give a shit. *prayer hands emoji*

Check out the remaining screenings below for a date near you, and the site here. If you’re NYC based, you can see it tonight at the IFC Center, but you suck for missing it at Nitehawk last night because you can get drunk there >:)

Ft. Wayne, IN
Cinema Center
San Francisco, CA
New York, NY
IFC Center
Boulder, CO
Boulder Theater
Boston, MA
The Brattle
Greensboro, NC
New Orleans, LA
Philadelphia, PA
Portland, OR
Hollywood Theatre
Chicago, IL
Music Box
Tucson, AZ
Los Angeles, CA
New Beverly
Athens, GA
Atlanta, GA
The Plaza
Pleasantville, NY
Jacob Burns Film Center
“The Past Is A Grotesque Animal”: A Story About A Band You Loved But Forgot About For A While

I’m Back & I’m Playing Songs I Like at a Bar I Like On Saturday


Once again, I am burning alive in blog hell for my posting hiatus, but I’m returning with some good news: while I did lose interest in the Snapchat story I was writing, I have been keeping busy with the FUN stuff like events and parties and things, and this Saturday, I’ll be back at The Flat for PRETTY DONUTS. Now, I don’t know if you get any donuts for attending, but if you like, I’d be more than happy to shove a donut in your mouth and take a cute pic of it. Anyway, party starts at 10, I’m on at 11, hang out and wave your arms around like a noodle. RSVP here for FREE ENTRY. Free stuff is tite. Just do it.

I’m Back & I’m Playing Songs I Like at a Bar I Like On Saturday

Deep Black by Deep Baes: New DKDS EP Out Today


A few days ago, the good folks over at Mixmag were kind enough to share a free download of DKDS‘ new single “Deep Black.” Today, Safer at Night released the whole damn thang, available on Beatport exclusively. The rest of the record is definitely worth purchasing: “Deep Blue” contrasts the calming vibes of the title track with a tense buildup of melody and “Black & Blue” is the perfect hybrid of the two and belongs on a movie soundtrack tbh. Check it out and cop the release  ASAP! Aside from being a staple in the NYC nightlife scene, DKDS have been getting support BBC Radio 1 from the likes of Skream and Annie Mac.



Plus they photograph really well. Grab tix for the Apex Tour featuring an awesome lineup of Justin Martin, Catz n Dogz, Kill Frenzy, Harvard Bass, Curses, Star Eyes, Tony Quattro, and of course, these dudes at Verboten this Friday. I will be there also, headlining the line at the bar.

Follow them on Twitter and most importantly, follow me on Twitter too. See you Friday!

Deep Black by Deep Baes: New DKDS EP Out Today

Do Shit: Friday, April 18th

Today is Friday and that means a lot of things. It means you may have gotten paid today. It also means that you are probably getting a bunch of Facebook reminders about stupid events from a person that you only see when you are out and wish death upon for wasting seconds of your life by sending you incessant notifications. Well, I don’t want to be one of those people, but there are some cool events going on tonight that I am going to so if you want to have fun (or if you are stalking me openly) you should check them out. R.Pean-Flyer   You probably already know that I work for this joint, so that I have to be here regardless BUT. I am actually really stoked to see all of this dude’s art up in our store. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of this “Grim Creeper” character and some ladies in some positions that got us reported on Instagram. Oops. So, if you’re into butts, blurred lines, and free Red Bull & vodkas, be here at some point between 7-10 for Reginald Pean. There will also be a dope shirt for sale. Don’t spill anything or I will yell at you. I might also be across the street at Trophy Bar inhaling as many burgers as possible before happy hour ends. RUSKO Post-Mishka event, head to Webster Hall for Rusko because you remember what it was like to be 19, waiting for that one line: “Wake the fuck up.” before losing your shit and probably your phone at some point later on. Or you hate this kind of music, but Rusko is undeniably an entertaining performance.  Also, T&B bb/my biggest fan on Twitter, Tony Quattro, will be opening and his new EP is MADE to be heard very loudly and in a large space like the WH main stage. Find me in the corner charging my phone and dancing for 5 minutes at a time until I need to charge my phone again. Also, the Studio party now features everyone’s favorite funny guy/label head Nick Catchdubs & whoever the hell he wants to feature that week, so the whole building is in session. Except the middle floor. Don’t go to the middle floor. Tickets here. After all of this, I will go to this party at this new venue called “My Bed” and where the drink special is “Gatorade” and this is streaming on a thousand screens: tumblr_mp22tnxRZ11sx87t9o1_500

Do Shit: Friday, April 18th

No Raris and Rovers (But I Got The Order)


Sports, y’all. That’s that shit I don’t like. I do like wearing jerseys though, mostly because it’s an instant look and you don’t really have to give a shit about the rest of your outfit. So when The Order came out with a collection of rap-inspired hockey jerseys, I died a little. It was hard to not grab the “Snowman” (because it comes in black so automatically was the most me-friendly) but I have this weird thing for Chief Keef and went with “Sosa


I keep it 3hunna.


Flexin’ on these lames like ha ha ha.


I made a little playlist of the best Keef tracks, but if you’re all NAH and feeling more Gucci or Jeezy, snag one from The Order while you still can!

Photos by Sharon Marrero

No Raris and Rovers (But I Got The Order)