Blue is the Sneakiest Color

Beanie: American Apparel, Jacket: Trafaluc by Zara, Leggings: Nike, Shoes, Vans – Photo by Sharon Marrero

As a major supporter of the “all black everything” rule when it comes to outfits, I’ve noticed a trend in my shopping behavior in the past few months. I keep buying blue things. Not just any blue, no. A bright, royal, cobalt blue that just screams “LOOK AT ME, I’M A COLOR” keeps finding its way into my closet. It’s like Pantone sent out a press release to me only saying “COLOR OF THE YEAR: COBALT. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.”

I bought a blue beanie to match my blue coat.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.49.44 PM

I got running shoes that have blue laces and accents. Here’s a blue sweater I bought 7 months ago.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.49.27 PM

How did this BRIGHT ASS COLOR find it’s way into my monochromatic world? It’s too bright to be dark, but is somehow more appealing than its poser cousin navy. There should be a word for the feeling of disappointment and frustration you get when you are looking for something in black and it only comes in stupid navy.

Since this cobalt character keeps taking new forms to appeal to me, I guess it’s here to stay. FOR NOW.

Blue is the Sneakiest Color

DIY Present To Myself: P.S. I Made This x Rebecca Minkoff


Aside from the embarrassing fact that it’s been over a month since I’ve posted (work, moving, travel, sick, general laziness) I’ve still been doing some things that are worth posting about, such as attending the P.S. I Made This… x Rebecca Minkoff “Girls Night Out” Event last Wednesday. I’ve been a fan of P.S. I Made This… since college, and although I general just browse the DIYs rather than doing them, I thought it would be fun to attend and also- cuts the cost of getting your own tools and materials, heh (IT’S NYC, WE ARE ALL BROKE HERE.)


There was an assortment of cute treats (definitely shoved a whole brownie in my mouth because I came alone and I am terrified to eat in front of others) and prosecco (definitely inhaled the whole cup in one sip but that’s more because I didn’t want to hold the cup anymore.) The invite mentioned the DIY would be hats, but I didn’t know what to expect and was afraid of crochet flowers being involved for some reason, so I was glad to see plain ball caps on a table. I beeline for a black one.


The three stations feature feathers, rhinestones and gems, and pom poms. I want to make a hat I will actually wear, so I of course go the black-on-black route.


Step 1: Glue pom pom on hat. Easy enough.

I’m done! Or so I think, until I look around and see other people going in on the decorations and then feel like a huge lame-o. I’m wishing for some sort of leather cord or rope to braid and attach, but all I see are gems and feathers. What does an accessory minimalist do aside from internalize a minor panic attack?



I ask the staff at the rhinestone table if there are black rhinestones. I am in luck. I proceed to use an entire container’s worth of tiny black rhinestones on lining where the bill meets the rest of the cap with this handy little heat set tool. Other attendees are astonished at how patient I am and how detailed my hat is. I was happy to hear this, because I assumed everyone would want to kill me for taking up space/time (again, I am alone, so going in on this line of tiny rhinestones allows me to briefly strike up conversation with people without being super obligated to carry on.) I am no newcomer to rhinestones (peep aka BUY the 8-Ball I made for Trouble & Bass’ Anniversary here!) and they are a HUGE pain in the ass to pick up and place, but somehow also very soothing to just mindlessly attach to things.

RM5So. Many. Tiny. Rhinestones. Here is the final result:



Imagine me doing another pose. No?

The staff also gave me a limited edition Rebecca Minkoff clutch, which was very clutch, but I forgot to take a photo of it. Oops. I want to stay and introduce myself to Erica from P.S. I Made This, but I’m really hungry and feel weird standing around as other people are obviously doing the same and am getting quite a few “why are you taking so long I’m hungry” texts from the bf so, I leave. BUT, according to the RM blog, they intend on doing more events at their flagship store in Soho, and offered discounts in-store, so be on the lookout or just come with me next time!

Also, if you want to buy me this for Christmas, that’d be chill. I didn’t take advantage of said discount because I spent my entire life savings on moving expenses last week, but soon…THIS WILL BE MINE.


DIY Present To Myself: P.S. I Made This x Rebecca Minkoff

Due To The Increasing Costs of Real Estate in Brooklyn…


I’m moving into this box. It’s about the same size as my current Bushwick room, and a much more regular shape. It doubles as a desk with the front flap, and via side flaps, I can pretend I’m in an airplane (which has proved to be a toy in demand and a successful business enterprise for this kid so I am DIY, ok?)

Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitton
Shirt: Mishka NYC
Leggings: Adidas Originals
Sneakers: Vans
Necklace: Custom, bitch.

Due To The Increasing Costs of Real Estate in Brooklyn…

Get To Know the Stylish Maven Behind Mystic Mayhem: Sarah Joy Hood

Imagine a world where Swarovski crystals and cone studs are the only art medium of choice, and everything is adorable but badass at the same time. Welcome to the life of Sarah Joy Hood, the creative mastermind behind all that is glittery and rad at killer kawaii brand Mystic Mayhem. For as long as I’ve known Sarah, she’s always had a smile on her face and an outfit on that makes you want to go home, change, and try harder. Read on to get to know the purple-haired princess behind the DIY-inspired label that will take over the internet, one shiny embellishment at a time.

Tell me a little bit about you!

My name is Sarah Joy Hood, I grew up on the third coast (Screwston, baby) and am a graphic designer. I have an unhealthy addiction to cats and ice cream, and will probably have purple hair for the rest of my life.

How did you end up starting Mystic Mayhem?

I’ve never really fit in with any kind of clique or genre, I have such wide interests in all sorts of styles of music and fashion that ill go one day dressed like Baby Spice and then the next looking all kawaii goth. I’ve always been into hardcore/punk music and the crazy vests are a big part of the culture. I wanted to participate in that but give it my own twist to better match my style, so I started making vests that drew inspiration from all different kinds of music and fashions. I’d get a lot of compliments on them and friends asking me to make them one, so I opened the store.

What inspired the company name?

The name was seriously the hardest part, because the entire concept of the store is mixed styles and flavors, so its hard coming up with a name that embodies a little bit of everything. After coming up with dozens of failed ideas my friend Lorraine Tran came up with Mystic Mayhem on like the second try and I fell in love. I think it’s a perfect amount of spooky but  girly, and ties in the femininity I’m trying to add to a semi masculine style of punk vests.

What inspires the pieces you make?

That’s a hard one because i get inspiration from so many places. Most of the time it’s me liking something but wanting to make it special and adding more detail and color. My favorite ideas come from lines in rap songs, finding a super girly or 90’s patch that matches it and going from there. I love the idea of making a punk vest, thats crazy girly pastel tie dyed, with some hood rap lyric in sequins on the back. A little bit of everything I love in one piece. Recently i’ve been inspired by Lisa Frank, anything aliens, tie dye, and top 40 rap like Drake and 2 Chainz.


A lot of your pieces are custom. How long does it usually take you, start to finish to make one of your amazing vests?

Ooof it takes a hot minute. Even if i was to work on a single vest 40 hours a week full time it would still take weeks to make. Of course it depends on what is on the vest, but bleaching or dyeing it takes a long time to make sure I get it the perfect color, then if they want a lot of spikes or studs that adds weeks to it. For example the hot pink lisa Frank vest i made with the multicolored and sizes neon scone studs took me about 60 hours just for those 3 small panels. Some vests I have that are completely covered in spikes have on average 800-1,500 spikes and I make each hole in the denim by hand with an awl, screw in each spike and go back with a screw driver and tighten each one individually. I end up with some gnarly bruises and cuts in the end but I wouldn’t have it another way.



What kind of music did you listen to as a yung teen etc? Did it influence your style/fashion/life etc?

Good god I went through some weird music and phases. I can safely say I had a lifelong relationship with Blink 182 since I was a youngin. I used to love No Doubt, Cake, Green Day Nirvana, your basic 90’s music for most of junior high. It wasn’t till I was maybe 15 when I started getting into hardcore music like Terror, Earth Crisis, and American Nightmare. Then after that I got super into Electronic music and was obsessed with Adult. and Miss Kitten.

I would say from all the random music I loved Gwen Stefani has absolutely been a lifelong inspiration. When I got braces I made my mom give me bangs because she had braces too and had the hot pink hair with the straight across bangs. I remember thinking “Hey! She has braces and flat boobs and is still awesome, hot, and a badass, so maybe I can be too!” I wore Dickies and white wifebeaters and even stenciled my name in old english on one like one of her music videos. She got me to start making DIY clothes and making boy clothes look girly, and probably the main inspiration behind me dyeing my hair crazy colors. GOD BLESS GWEN!!!

If you could design for any celebrity, alive or dead, who? Why?

Probably Haley Williams from Paramore. I love her style and she has the punk but still cute thing on lock. I think she would look really good in a vest and actually appreciate the wok that went into it, she seems like she gets DIY culture and all the handwork that it takes.

What would you like to start making next and what can we expect from MM in the future?

I’m working on making more smaller items that are more affordable for people like t-shirts and tote bags. I meet a lot of people who really love my stuff but just don’t have the guts to rock a crazy 15lb studded jacket to their 9-5 day job. So I want people to be able to get crazy in their own small way even if its just a small button set on their backpack or a cute tote bag for their laptop.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.43.20 AM

To check out Sarah’s designs, visit her site here. Also, Mystic Mayhem is sponsoring the next #TBT party this Thursday, so RSVP here for more info and to enter the giveaway for a Mystic Mayhem prize pack!

I too am the proud owner of a Mystic Mayhem vest, rockin’ this wolf pack on my back with “Twerk” and “Turnt Up” patches in metal-inspired font, because Sarah is my spirit animal and just GETS it. Customize with her today!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.47.36 AM


Photo courtesy of Nicky Digital

Get To Know the Stylish Maven Behind Mystic Mayhem: Sarah Joy Hood

No Raris and Rovers (But I Got The Order)


Sports, y’all. That’s that shit I don’t like. I do like wearing jerseys though, mostly because it’s an instant look and you don’t really have to give a shit about the rest of your outfit. So when The Order came out with a collection of rap-inspired hockey jerseys, I died a little. It was hard to not grab the “Snowman” (because it comes in black so automatically was the most me-friendly) but I have this weird thing for Chief Keef and went with “Sosa


I keep it 3hunna.


Flexin’ on these lames like ha ha ha.


I made a little playlist of the best Keef tracks, but if you’re all NAH and feeling more Gucci or Jeezy, snag one from The Order while you still can!

Photos by Sharon Marrero

No Raris and Rovers (But I Got The Order)

Missing “Piece” of Babymetal

So, I could make this a long post about Babymetal, a Japanese pop-metal group with the most ADORABLE lil ladies doin’ their thing, but you can look that up on your own. Get acquainted and get into it. Point is, when a person that is very special to me showed one of their videos to me a while back and said it reminded him of me, I was like “WHY AM I NOT DOING THIS IN LIFE?” and watched the majority of their channel for the rest of the night. And the next day. And…you get the idea.

Sadly, I am only half-Asian (but  All-‘MERICAN) so my pop dreams are over (seriously, every American girl group in the past 10 years has just sucked) and we should leave it to the Asia to interpret American culture because in their own exaggerated & reimagined way, they do it better. But hey, I vibe with their whole cutesy, could-have-got-it-at-Hot-Topic look and perfect hair. And to be honest, I have a really hard time wearing colors that aren’t black, grey and the occasional red. So I have this plaid skirt that I LOVE, but am sometimes hesitant to wear because of the fact that I will most likely wear black with it and thus, perpetuate the could-have-got-it-at-Hot-Topic look. PLOT TWIST: I worked there for a year in high school. Most of the staff told me I belonged at American Apparel instead. Hey, guess where I worked next? Retail resume aside, I wore the skirt today and came home to a nice lil surprise: a box from Dimepiece! Newsflash: I work in streetwear. It rules, but as an industry is male-dominated, so shouts to all the brands for women, by women, a la Los Angeles-based Dimepiece.



Logo Crewneck by Dimepiece
Lipstick by MAC (Sheen Supreme in “New Temptation”)

I made the crewneck I got into a crop and threw it on, and here I am, lookin’ like the alternate, albeit older and more street member of Babymetal. I would probably be like their CL. But hey, that’s K-Pop, so we’ll save my adoration for her for another day.






Missing “Piece” of Babymetal